What is Circular Design? A guide to a new mindset for business.

februari 25, 2020 - 2 minutes read

The scale of what we’re designing has shifted from products, to companies, to economic systems. Who we’re designing for has expanded from a solitary user to an intimately connected web of people, spanning the globe.

New tools such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and synthetic biology mean our design ambitions are limited only by our imagination. Meanwhile, creativity has never been more important: the global economy is stuttering and disruptive technologies challenge established business models.

The next big thing in design is circular

A new mindset for business is emerging. It’s worth around a trillion dollars, will drive innovation in tomorrow’s companies, and reshape every part of our lives. But making the shift isn’t easy. That’s why we created this guide: to help innovators create more elegant, effective, creative solutions for the circular economy. Solutions that are invaluable for people, give businesses a competitive advantage, and are regenerative for our world.

“A radical, restorative, regenarative approach to business.”

You might be questioning the health of our organisations, social systems, and business models. With good reason: companies are currently deeply rooted in a linear approach to growth – make, use, dispose.

The design thinking approach that underpins this guide allows you to explore new ways to create sustainable, resilient, long-lasting value in the circular economy – giving you the creative confidence to redesign the world around you.

A guide, written by Tim Brown.

More on: www.circulardesignguide.com

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